December #goals

I recently finished a year long course that took up a significant amount of my time… and the feeling of calm and pure joy that comes with an achievement like that is really something that I couldn’t have possibly imagined.

I remember at university feeling like I didn’t have enough time to read a book, because the time spent doing that should have been spent working, or reading an actual university book. Granted, I still spent all of my time watching Netflix, cooking or napping so didn’t get anything done ANYWAY, but it’s that feeling of mental pressure that you can’t do anything, because you should be doing something else.

So I am so happy to be able to say Bye Felicia to education (at least until I forget how stressful it is again…) And it means I have SO much more spare time to do anything I can think of.

So I thought here’s probably the best place to document those things in a December #goals type thing, right? (Also, how TF is it December already? Wasn’t it July like yesterday?)

So here we go, in typical 12 days of Christmas style:

  1. Make a pair of tassel earrings. I’ve seen so many of these online and I’m one of those people who prefers to have a go at making it before I dish out on a pair. All the supplies are on their way and I am SO excited to try it out.
  2. Make a fleecy jumper. Sorry. The fact I haven’t been able to do anything for a while means I am 100% on a creative hype right now. I saw this pattern and just could not get over how a) cosy it looks and b) how easy it looks. One thing you may learn about me is that I do not like to make life easy for myself. So as soon as I saw this I was like, “yaaaaaasss, but actually I might just make it a bit shorter and a bit less baggy and put some sleeves on it.” Yes, so a whole new pattern then, Emily? Great. Can’t wait to figure that one out.
  3. Blog about both of those things! Complete with GOOD pictures and steps and everything.
  4. Actually give this blogging thing a real proper go. I’m going to post every week for December. I’m not setting the bar higher than that because hello, I’ve just been talking about feeling the pressure, and ya gurl ain’t about that life. I’m all about being healthy and happy.
  5. Get to the gym. Just be a bit less lazy. How hard is it to go the gym once a week?
  6. Figure out how to add a ‘shop this post’ widget to my blog. It cannot be that difficult. I hope. (Any help would be very much appreciated!)
  7. Get my Etsy back up and running, and have a think about new things to list on there. Tassel earrings? Fleecy jumpers?
  8. Get healthy. I’ve had a cold for like, 4 weeks. UGH to the max. I get healthy again and then I’m ill again. Not cool.
  9. Take my vitamin D tablets. Every damn day.
  10. Get in touch with friends again. I am unbelievably, extremely useless at keeping in touch with friends. I text someone on a Monday, look away from their reply for two seconds and before I know it it’s next Wednesday. Not only does it mean I’m not chatting happily to my friends, but I’m also feeling like a tiny little turd. Which isn’t too nice.
  11. Sort out the shelves in my room. They’re all over the place. Although, I did buy some cute boxes from Flying Tiger not long ago which are going a pretty good job at hiding some of the mess.
  12. Making a go of the whole social media thing. Whether it be getting 10 hits on here before the new year, or helping my love to hit 300 followers on his new Instagram account. Ya gurl don’t work in marketing for nothing.

So I think that’ll do right? All totally achievable. All things I’ve been wanting to do for yonks.

So tell me. What are some of your December goals? Thoughts? Feelings? I’m all ears.

Yours literally,

Emily x



Main photo credit: The Every Girl

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