Ten reasons to say ‘I love you’

It feels like often it’s only soppy idiots who are into Valentine’s Day, and everyone else is always so grumpy. They think it’s all just an opportunity for businesses to make money… or that you shouldn’t celebrate your love just on V-Day but every day. Well, yeah you should, but do you? Probably not.

So this year, why not just take the opportunity to do something nice, something that you wouldn’t usually do? Like, I dunno, get OVER yourselves. Even if it’s just a nicer than normal dinner at home… whip the candles out and make a flipping effort, you melt. #YOLO.

So, seeing as it’s Valentines Day, here is my official list of Ten Reasons to Say ‘I love you’.

1. When they bring you a cup of tea, and they don’t even drink tea.

Like, hello!? Is that not one of the kindest things a person can do? And you’d best BELIEVE I’m a 3 minute mash girl.

2. When they do that funny dance.

You know, the one that makes you laugh and they wouldn’t do in front of anyone else. Nothing sexual.

3. When they do something that makes you real proud.

Had a positive meeting at work? ILY. Went to Park Run? ILY. Got an amazing eBay bargain? Hit ‘em with the ILY.

4. You know that thing where you just look over at them and you’re like, ‘I literally want to smush our cheeks together until we’re Siamese twins because I love you so much and I never want to leave your side’?


5. When they’re being literally so annoying, all you want to do is punch them in the throat.

Hit ‘em with it. Sometimes you’ve gotta remind yourself too. Just for good measure.

6. When you manage to hold a whole conversation in solely lines from your favourite TV show.

Or you know, mostly. *recites entire seasons of It’s Always Sunny*

7. When you see them for the first time in a while.

Like when you wake up. ILY. Or when you get back from the shower. ILY. Or when you get home from work. ILY. Or when you take a jumper off and it gets stuck on your head because you forgot to undo that stupid button and it all went dark for a moment. ILY.

8. When they tag you in all of those really cute dog videos.

Sighs forever and ever because those dogs are always so cute and fluffy.

9. When they get all grumpy at stuff and they just need a back rub and to know that everyone else are big all poopyheads.


10. Just because they’re them. (Ew.)

So if you aren’t going to treat your loved one this Valentine’s Day because you’re a big old dickhead, why not think about all those reasons why you love them instead, and stop being a flipping melt.

Let me know what you’re doing with yours this year in the comments!

Until next time!


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