On finding things to write about

I’ve now had my blog for a few months, and it’s surprisingly difficult to find things to write about. I’m following a lot more blogs and reading a lot more, and it’s all a little bit… samey. Not that that’s a bad thing, after all these blogs are read by thousands of people (including myself), so they’re obviously doing something right. Copying these ideas doesn’t really excite me, and I’m not sure that people necessarily care about my night skin routine. Although secretly, I am loving my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, so watch this space.

I’ve been racking my brains to think of something to write that’s actually interesting. There are various topics that I keep coming back to…

  • How-to’s? I’m clueless. What do I know? I’m practically a baby.
  • Mini life updates? The fact that I got a 1:3 KDR earlier on Call of Duty (not even a typo) probably isn’t that interesting to 99% of you.
  • Fashion? Hmm-kay. Let me just swap my fleece for something less warm. Yeah, right.

Working full time in a similar brain space also seems to make it more difficult, because thinking all day about food is a different topic to what I want to write about at home. In the food blogging world, you seem to have to be continually cooking. Yes, I love to cook… but I’m not about the food blogger life. I’m more about that me myself and I ting.

Plus, after working on it for 8 hours straight, day in, day out, all I want to do is crash.

That’s actually where the gym comes in really handy. I’ve written quite a few blog posts from the treadmill and it makes the time spent working out go so much faster.

I loved reading Little Plum’s post about just sitting in a coffee shop, watching the world go by and allowing the inspiration to flow naturally…

So yeah. I’m rolling a few things around in the old brain box… let’s see what comes out.

Do let me know your tips & tricks for getting inspired, anything would be beyond helpful right now!

Until next time huns.


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